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In my efforts to progress as a knitter and push the boundries, last night I cast on the Lacy Kerchief Scarf by Lisa Daehlin from Interweave. I’m getting the hang of knitting, to the point where I believe I can call myself a intermediate beginner :) … And this is really a “breakout” pattern for me. I’m really excited about it!! For a beginner the instructions do my head in alittle, and I find myself needing to read it through and allow it to seep into my psychy … so that I may have some sort of clarity around what anything of the pattern means! :)

The Lacy Kerchief Scarf by Lisa Daehlin is by far the most complex pattern I have attempted in my somewhat short knitting reportuare. But alas, I will soldier on …

The scarf itself appears to be more of a shawl, by my reckoning, but I guess time will tell when it grows up to be a the scarf for which it is destined

I am using a 50% Merino & 50% Silk sport weight yarn which I dyed myself. The colours are a light blue shade, teal and olive tones. I’m really enjoying the lushness of the yarn!!!

Lets see how long this project goes for …

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A new knitter of just under 6 months decides to take on blogging, not highly unusual there are alot of us out there  :)

As you may have guessed, I’m a fairly new knitter, although I have crocheted for a number of years (7 years), knitting was a foreign concept to me until more recently.
Knitting was something I didnt really want to get into intially, but having said that I AM a serial crafter, so I think it was only a matter of time before I caught the knitting bug …

So how did this all happen for me?? I picked up the Intertwined: The Art of Handspun Yarn, Modern Patterns and Creative Spinning (by Lexi Boeger, pluckyfluff Handspun Revolution), by chance at a Borders bookstore.

What drew me to the book was the photographs, and because I am into crafts of any form it looked very intriguing. I immediately was drawn to the concept of spinning yarn in all it’s novelties!! I began to dream up ways I could be enthralled in different interesting creations from a crafters perspective. I then propelled into the idea of immediately acquiring a spinning wheel, drum carder, fibres, like everything I do I became immediately obsessed!!

A few weeks later coupled with considerable thought and budget restrictions  :) , I considered that maybe it would be better if I learnt to knit … knitting would probably enable me to appreciate what fiber I embarked on converting into spun yarn at a later stage … And so the love affair began!

Although I have been knitting a short period, I have been enjoying it immensely. I am self taught, with resources from books, youtube and listening to knitting podcasts and gamillions of patterns on Ravelry (I am spunkyarn on ravelry, drop me a hey!) … so far the journey has been filled with all aspects of learning. I’m finding these  days that information for anything is easily accessible online.

I firmly believe that knitting and spinning yarn go hand in hand in a knitters discovery of appreciating properties of different fibers and how they wear in finished garments.

In this blog, I hope to attempt to share all of what I have learnt about all aspects of fiber, textiles, knitting, crochet, yarn and hopefully other factorials of the fiber industry.

Some of the Podcasts I listen to are:

I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures of a journey in the art of knitting, fiber, textiles, yarn, yarn and more yarn .. I hope you can join me on my journey of discovery in the world of fiber :)

Fairy Floss Handspun 

Wish me luck!!!

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