Colour Theory and Creativity

January 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’m back!! And so soon too … I think this is the year (I have decided), that I just plunge in and post short blog entries.

So … Are you structured or unstructured when it comes to creating? Do you consider your creative options and make a plan or do you just fly by the seat of your pants and throw things together as you go?

I have to say, that I lean more towards the flying by the seat of my pants. I enjoy the process of non specifics or exact measurements. I like to just throw things together and see what comes out in the end.

This, “anything-goes” type approach to creativity, I have to say, is driven by the idea of individuality … The idea that something can be created unique and one of a kind (OOAK), is something I strongly identify with.

I thought that I might try add alittle structure to my current method. No huge advances just yet, I thought I might start out small … So, I began thinking about a collection of inspirational images but had thought maybe a small collection of say 3 images might suffice as a first offering.  I might get alittle adventurous and bring out the big guns later with Digital Story boards…

Below is a small collection of 3 images of Hydrangea, I took back in late November 2010 when the Hydrangea was out in blossom. Hydrangea’s have to be my all time favorite flower, granted there is hardly any perfume (or maybe none at all) … but still they are the pretties things to behold.

Now that I have my small collection, it’s on to Colour Lovers ….  I’ve been thinking about colour palettes. A way of isolating and identifying colours that  inspire me ….

I found the “SEND FLOWERS” by rosyblossom on Colour Lovers, it covers all the colours I want to use perfectly. You may want to create your own colour palette here. I also like using their PHOTOCOPA Tool, which allows you to upload a photo of your particular inspiration and the tool then isolates colours from the picture which makes it nice and easy for you to create a colour palette. I think it helps those who can feel alittle challenged with colour smarts :). It certainly makes life easy for me!

…. I only use this colour palette as a guide, now all I need is fibres and textures …

…. The fibres chosen (clockwise) are Merino (Blue), Silk Noil (Beige), Merino Cross (Green/Gray/Red streaks), Superfine Merino 17 Microns (Hand dyed – Mint Greens, Pastel Pinks, Pastel Blue), Angelina (minty Glitz), Mohair (Handyed Pink/Purple).

….  Through the Drum Carder the fibres went. I was aiming for alot of texture in my funky fibre batts, so my mohair and silk noil arent teased as much to retain their natural textures.

…. I have enough fibre and now it’s time to take fibre off (I want to spin it now!!)

…. Yummy airy fibre buns (approx 30 gm), just waiting to meet my spinning wheel :D

…. Yes, I couldnt wait … so here’s something I prepared earlier. I spun it textured and single ply.

…. And here’s a mini swatch of the hydrangea yarn knit up, I’m not sure what it wants to be when it grows up but I think it’s telling me it wants to become a scarf … I’m still debating that. But I will keep you posted on that.


Textile Pendant Surprise

January 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Oh Em Gee! It’s the weekend and it has arrived!!

I didnt know such a small perfect thing could make me soooo happy! And it arrived today!! Yippie Yahooie!!

… Ok so what arrived today?          

My perfectly crafted… beautiful hand dyed silk pendant, rara avis XXXV from Tinctory.


I am a sucker for packaging, I’m always interested to see how artists package, because you can get some pretty unique and interesting packing. It has to be said, the packaging is well presented and secure.

The silk textile pendant itself (rara avis XXXV) is totally stunning, and well crafted, in blue and purple, and is just  a beautiful piece that I cant wait to show off.

   … And WALLAH! There is a rara avis XXXV for me! … my new addition to my jewelry collection.

What’s the go in January 2011

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So January seems to be coming to a close, and I seem to have just woken up from a post festive trans! *sigh

Since I live in Sydney, I guess it is only fair I make mention of events in Sydney. The first place to go checkout would be What’s On in Sydney City that is usually a reliable source, if you are stuck in a bind … :) …

And … Ok! Ok! So Australia Day (26 Jan 2011) passed without so much as a peep from me, back to my trans reasoning I’m afraid.

Continuing on with events in Sydney … For Fibre related events … one could checkout the NSW Knitters Guild, for events coming up. And also the Hand Weavers & Spinners Guild of NSW for afew events in January.

Vogue Live Knitting has been and gone 21-23 January 2011, but that one is worth a mention …

I might have to leave it there for now … I promise I’ll be out of a trans for next Month’s Events updates, but for now you’ll just have to forgive me. :)

On a non-related fibre mention, there is a stunning King Parrot that comes for a daily visit to my balcony, he’s quite stunning and quite trusting for a wild bird. We havent thought of a name for him yet.

King Parrot

Anywho four (4) remaining days in January 2011!!! I cant wait …

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