Designer Labeled Knitwear?

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Whilst perusing Net-A-Porter, I came across a Knitwear … :D … (much excitement!), specifically looking at Clare Tough’s collection.

Have a look for yourself … Cotton-Blend Cardigan by Clare Tough … I had a severe case of sticker shock, I shouldn’t really be surprised, but my mouth literally flung open when I saw this.

As you can see it’s cream coloured, that’s fine … the yarn blend being 60% cotton, 20% silk & 20% cashmere, appears to be a worsted weight yarn … ok … even down to the stitch pattern, which by my assessment is definitely Feather and Fan …

The model pictured is 177cm/5’10” and is wearing an Italian Size 40 (US6/AU 10), check conversation here

Total cost of said cardi = £562.50!! (ughhhh) …

I suppose maybe if you considered it has been claimed to have been hand knit, and the fibre content of the yarn would be considered mid-high end (leaning more towards high end)

Whilst it looks almost appealing, the price is somewhat off-putting, I’m not completely convinced this is the cardi I’d like to add to my project queue … And I state this only because I’ve knit that many items in Feather and Fan, I think I’ve exhausted my desire to use this stitch pattern for the minute.

… So with that proclamation :) … I don’t see myself reverse engin-knitting this cardigan anytime soon, and this is purey for my own reasons because I feel personally I’ve knit the Feather and Fan to death … :)

Having stated all this … I’d like to say if I did wasn’t to knit this or something similar my suggestions for alternative Yarns would be:

VERDICT (To Knit-engineer or NOT to Knit-Engineer): No go for me, although I am tempted … just slightly … :)


My New Favourite Cleckheaton

March 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been wildly knitting, almost like a crazy person… I’ve started a massive bout of startitus.

I paused for a second to ponder this in my knitting frenzy and have concluded that AUTUMN is HERE!!! And we must make haste while still warm enough to have moving parts … haha …

Seriously though, Autumn/Winter in Sydney,  Australia isnt as cold as with others parts of the world, the lowest point I’ve ever experienced during the coldest times on a Winter’s day would be about 8 degrees Celcius (46.4 Fahrenheit), which really isnt all worth whining about when you consider places when snow is a regular occurance in Winters.

Anywho, it’s the first week of Autumn, and it’s starting to cool down, which means new wool yarns are making their debut and knitting supplies are making the entry onto the shelves of generic craftstores. I stopped by at Lincraft and picked a some really delightful yarn, 4 balls of Cleckheaton Perfect Day 8 ply, in a natural light brown/grey yarn. I fell in love the moment I picked up this yarn. It comes in a range of grey & browns, predominantly browns. And boasts the softness of alpaca (30%) with the springiness of wool (70%)! It’s a DK weight, and knits (by the ball band), a gauge of 22sts X 30 rows (10cm X 10cm) on a 4.0mm needle.

The yarn hasn’t bestowed it’s immediate desire into becoming anything in particular, so for the moment I’m letting it sit pretty and considering some options. But I have a feeling it might want to become a scarf, cowl/snood or a hat of some description (maybe even the start of another sweater??)  … so I’m gonna have to sought out some Ravelry inspiration for that me thinks.

My other wonderful little gift to self was 3 balls of Patons Jet yarn, Colourway 21, Lot 760125, which is a 50gm ball at 74 mtrs. And can be knit (according to ball band) on 5.5mm needles. The Gauge (again per the ball band): 16.5 sts X 22 Rows (10cm X 10cm).

I suspect, this is a colourway from last Autumn/Winter 2010, and I was planning to team it with another Patons Jet yarn in a plain colour, possibly one of the colours in one of the plys in Colourway 21 to make the Parallelograms by Lynne Barr, but this is yet to be finalised … I really enjoy the Patons Jets yarn, they knit up easily, and bloom nicely after washed, and soften too.

Apart from the knitting, there is the ever treadling of my spinning wheel which has churned out a new addition to handspun collection. I call it Chocolate Cake Aran Handspun, it’s a Merino Blend of purples, greys and browns, plyed with mohair and glitz. I spun it as a Heavy Worsted/Aran weight, because of the mohair, I might be knitting a scarf or cowl in a lace pattern or some kind of rib. I’ve been hunting for a worthy pattern on ravelry, but have not been convinced of anything.

So I have been pondering a lace pattern from the collection of Barbara Walker’s Treasuries of Knitting Patterns Books to adapt! I will keep you posted on that, and the resultant scarf pattern will be shared ofcourse in a later posting, but in the meantime … my Chocolate Cake Aran handspun is below…

I also have Blue-Mill Merino Kid Mohair Handspun & Treetops Merino – Bird of Paradise, both are Worsted/Aran weight handspun yarns…

That’s it for the minute … See you all soon!

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