Designer Labeled Knitwear?

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Whilst perusing Net-A-Porter, I came across a Knitwear … :D … (much excitement!), specifically looking at Clare Tough’s collection.

Have a look for yourself … Cotton-Blend Cardigan by Clare Tough … I had a severe case of sticker shock, I shouldn’t really be surprised, but my mouth literally flung open when I saw this.

As you can see it’s cream coloured, that’s fine … the yarn blend being 60% cotton, 20% silk & 20% cashmere, appears to be a worsted weight yarn … ok … even down to the stitch pattern, which by my assessment is definitely Feather and Fan …

The model pictured is 177cm/5’10” and is wearing an Italian Size 40 (US6/AU 10), check conversation here

Total cost of said cardi = £562.50!! (ughhhh) …

I suppose maybe if you considered it has been claimed to have been hand knit, and the fibre content of the yarn would be considered mid-high end (leaning more towards high end)

Whilst it looks almost appealing, the price is somewhat off-putting, I’m not completely convinced this is the cardi I’d like to add to my project queue … And I state this only because I’ve knit that many items in Feather and Fan, I think I’ve exhausted my desire to use this stitch pattern for the minute.

… So with that proclamation :) … I don’t see myself reverse engin-knitting this cardigan anytime soon, and this is purey for my own reasons because I feel personally I’ve knit the Feather and Fan to death … :)

Having stated all this … I’d like to say if I did wasn’t to knit this or something similar my suggestions for alternative Yarns would be:

VERDICT (To Knit-engineer or NOT to Knit-Engineer): No go for me, although I am tempted … just slightly … :)


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