The Knitter

So who am I?

I’m female, I blog from Sydney Australia, when I share a household with my ever industrious husband Graeme.

I like most things arty and crafty … one can confidently label me a serial crafter! :)

I enjoy making things and letting creativity take me on a journey of discovery. In the last 2-3 years I have fallen IN LOVE with all things fibre. And presently I knit, crochet, handspin, in the new future felting and weave.

I sell yarn & fibre goodies on Etsy, as means to justify my continued obsession.

Fibre fascinates and inspires me, like colour (the full spectrum), music, art, photography, food, cooking, watching wind rustle the branches of strong trees, clouds in a bright blue sky… you get the idea … :)

This blog will serve as an online journals of my musings, you are welcome to join me on my journey …

Take Care

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