Textile Pendant Surprise

January 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Oh Em Gee! It’s the weekend and it has arrived!!

I didnt know such a small perfect thing could make me soooo happy! And it arrived today!! Yippie Yahooie!!

… Ok so what arrived today?          

My perfectly crafted… beautiful hand dyed silk pendant, rara avis XXXV from Tinctory.


I am a sucker for packaging, I’m always interested to see how artists package, because you can get some pretty unique and interesting packing. It has to be said, the packaging is well presented and secure.

The silk textile pendant itself (rara avis XXXV) is totally stunning, and well crafted, in blue and purple, and is just  a beautiful piece that I cant wait to show off.

   … And WALLAH! There is a rara avis XXXV for me! … my new addition to my jewelry collection.


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