Some Fiber Time

April 3, 2012 § 1 Comment

Yes … spinning has been lacking in my neck of the woods.

I’ve been thinking alot about it, but not doing awhole lot about it!! :/ …Woe is me …

So presently my lonesome wheel, feeling rejected, and currently very much idle and in desperate want of attention. For the moment there is some Ecru Cormo, that I got from my pledge to TON OF WOOL by Kylie Gusset on Pozible. I recieved 300gm of Ecru Cormo, about 19 microns … incredibly lush to spin! So I’ve got alittle way yet to go with that …

Image above is my experimenting with Image Blender & ScratchCam

Wish me luck getting back on my wheel!



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I’m not all that motivated for Monday at the office … I think several coffee fixes might be the sure remedy :)

Got the Blues for a Lacy Baktus

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Project | Lacy Baktus –  Yay for it’s completion!!! I decided to opt for the Lacy Baktus  (adapted from the original Baktus), as I love to knit anything with YO and K2Togs (SKP, SSK, P2Tog, etc …. )


Yarn | My Handspun; Got-the-Blues | Fiber Content| Superwash Merino 80% ; Nylon 20% | Ply | 2-ply; DK weight | Weight | Approx 140gms | Yardage | 260m (284.3 yd)

Verdict | Fun, Easy to memorise pattern … another one to accompany your TV watching & social knitting.

Pre-Blocked | 35cm X 110cm | Post-Blocked | 55cm X 140cm

I blocked the living daylights outta this one :) … and I LOVE IT! It’s been keeping the winter chills away!

FO Andrea’s Shawl

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Bottom-up, Lace Motif edging,  Stripes, Stunning, well written pattern … what a joy it was to knit! :)


Project | Andrea’s Shawl by  Kirsten Kapur

Yarn(s) | Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4ply; Col: Ghost  &   Starry Starry Sockyarn; Col: Deep Olive

Needles | 3.5mm Knitpicks 80cm circulars

Size | Medium

Mods | None … Lovely as it is, I felt none was required.

Rated | 4 / 5

This worked lovely for me … I’m glad I knit the Medium, I think a small would’ve been too small for me. I am deriving alot of pleasure from knitting pieces for my neck at the moment. I figure if my neck is warm, I’m generally alright :)

This pattern really appeals to my stripey aesthetic, and the little bit of leaf lace motif at the border’s edge was fun too. I am almost contemplating knitting this again in a solid colour, and maybe slightly heavier yarn, DK or even worsted! :) … I have a tendency to want to only knit projects once only, so I make no promises.

On a Shawl Kick …

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Since knitting my Holden Shawlette, I’ve been quite taken with the idea of knitting Shawls and Shawlettes! Even I’m amazed at this revelation unto self … :| … as I was quite daunted with the fact of knitting increasing exponentially as the rows increased (I’m talking about you classic triangle shaped shawl). And now … I’ve managed to buy several shawl patterns, stick afew on my queue and EVEN caston acouple!! I dont recognise myself anymore!! ;) … but I am brimming with anticipation on the outcome of this “shawl kick(-along)”.

So lets see … here’s what I’ve got in my library, queued … languishing and recent Cast Ons and completed:


Citron Shawl & Holden Shawlette

Recent WIPs

Andrea’s Shawl by Kirsten Kapur: When I first saw this shawl I was taken with the lace edging detail! The combo with the stripes is truly gorgeous. Going through Ravelry, I was pushed over the edge by a number of awe inspiring versions by ittybitty, picperfic (beautiful handspun yarn), KatyaGuler (lovely in a solid burgundy like colour) and jojilocat.

You knit the border first, which is a 4 row pattern repeat of 7 stitches basically. I enjoyed this little pattern repeat, it involved increasing stitches (with Yarn overs) and binding off to reduce back to 7 stitch. After the 20th repeat, it’s like muscle memory … :D

I am currently working on the lace motif edging, its definitely keeping my attention. It’s easy enough for you to recognize the stitch repeats, and if you look at projects on ravelry, will notice you only need to work though the motif ONCE! Woohoo!

I’m using my own hand dyed yarn for this it’s a merino, silk, nylon and sterling silver blend, in a deep olivey brown colour (looks more browny in the pic) … this will be contrasted with some Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4ply in Colourway: Ghost.

My next post on this will hopefully be to report it’s completion! ;)

Mizutama Shawl by Olga Buraya-Kefelian: For the record this was love at first sight! I stalked this pattern and snapped it up when it was released. This pattern can be knit top down or bottom up.

I’ve never knit a shawl from the bottom up, so I’m working it that way … and I’m half way through. I’m pretty much got the pattern memorized, and this knitting travels with me daily on the train. I’m really enjoying this alot, and am knitting it out of the Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4ply, Colourway: Ghost. I am already planning to knit this in a cotton, linen or silk blend yarn. Totally psyched to see the end result after blocking!

My Ravelry Library/Queued
Daybreak by Stephen West

Lacy Baktus by Terhi Montonen

Juneberry Triangle by Jared Flood

Whippoorwill by Carina Spencer


Mara Shawl by Madelinetosh: This is a lovely shawl, Garter stitch makes a lovely warm fabric, I have knit this out of Worsted Merino yarn, and it is lush and squishy and hand dyed by me in  a colourway I call Ribenna. Here’s mine.

It’s hibernating at the moment because I made a booboo on the ribbing, I didnt increase at the beginning and ending of each right side round, and at the minute it’s approx 800 sts per row and I cant seem to bring myself to rip back and contemplating how to get around it if I can. I might have to come to the realization that frogging is my only choice here ;(.

I’ll update my shawl WIP in the next post :)

Until then … Happy Knitting!

My Holden

April 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

I just finished knitting my Holden Shawl!! Hazzaahh!

There was something about this pattern that compelled me to knit it … :) I generally stay away from triangle shawls, the increasing of stitches every couple of rounds is something that doesnt particularly excite my special interests. But no matter, I still persisted with the Holden by  Mindy Wilkes.

I been incredibly compelled to knit this shawl that I believe I might have a repetative stress injury!! :)

The pattern is easy to memorise once you get the hang of it ….

The only mods I have made to this pattern were made midway thru the stockinette part of the pattern. On the Right Side rows only:

Beginning of RS row: K3, YO, K2, M1 ….

Ending of RS row: Last 5 sts; M1, K2, YO, K3

I continued knitting the above mods on the RS only, until I reach 193sts … the rest of the lace pattern was knit as originally supplied, I also knit an extra lace pattern repeat. I was worried I wouldnt have enough yarn, but it seems I have 25gm of yarn left.

This is the first time I have bound off using the picot edge bind off, I have to say …. it’s worth the effort!

What a lovely pattern! Now I can rest my fingers and enjoy wearing this pretty shawl, my last 2 pics were taken in 6am light on a cool autumn morning …

The yarn used is my own handdyed yarn … I also have the same blend in the Russet-Red colourway in my etsy shop.

Happy Knitting yall! :)

Colour Theory and Creativity

January 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’m back!! And so soon too … I think this is the year (I have decided), that I just plunge in and post short blog entries.

So … Are you structured or unstructured when it comes to creating? Do you consider your creative options and make a plan or do you just fly by the seat of your pants and throw things together as you go?

I have to say, that I lean more towards the flying by the seat of my pants. I enjoy the process of non specifics or exact measurements. I like to just throw things together and see what comes out in the end.

This, “anything-goes” type approach to creativity, I have to say, is driven by the idea of individuality … The idea that something can be created unique and one of a kind (OOAK), is something I strongly identify with.

I thought that I might try add alittle structure to my current method. No huge advances just yet, I thought I might start out small … So, I began thinking about a collection of inspirational images but had thought maybe a small collection of say 3 images might suffice as a first offering.  I might get alittle adventurous and bring out the big guns later with Digital Story boards…

Below is a small collection of 3 images of Hydrangea, I took back in late November 2010 when the Hydrangea was out in blossom. Hydrangea’s have to be my all time favorite flower, granted there is hardly any perfume (or maybe none at all) … but still they are the pretties things to behold.

Now that I have my small collection, it’s on to Colour Lovers ….  I’ve been thinking about colour palettes. A way of isolating and identifying colours that  inspire me ….

I found the “SEND FLOWERS” by rosyblossom on Colour Lovers, it covers all the colours I want to use perfectly. You may want to create your own colour palette here. I also like using their PHOTOCOPA Tool, which allows you to upload a photo of your particular inspiration and the tool then isolates colours from the picture which makes it nice and easy for you to create a colour palette. I think it helps those who can feel alittle challenged with colour smarts :). It certainly makes life easy for me!

…. I only use this colour palette as a guide, now all I need is fibres and textures …

…. The fibres chosen (clockwise) are Merino (Blue), Silk Noil (Beige), Merino Cross (Green/Gray/Red streaks), Superfine Merino 17 Microns (Hand dyed – Mint Greens, Pastel Pinks, Pastel Blue), Angelina (minty Glitz), Mohair (Handyed Pink/Purple).

….  Through the Drum Carder the fibres went. I was aiming for alot of texture in my funky fibre batts, so my mohair and silk noil arent teased as much to retain their natural textures.

…. I have enough fibre and now it’s time to take fibre off (I want to spin it now!!)

…. Yummy airy fibre buns (approx 30 gm), just waiting to meet my spinning wheel :D

…. Yes, I couldnt wait … so here’s something I prepared earlier. I spun it textured and single ply.

…. And here’s a mini swatch of the hydrangea yarn knit up, I’m not sure what it wants to be when it grows up but I think it’s telling me it wants to become a scarf … I’m still debating that. But I will keep you posted on that.

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